Semua org tau yang negara kite ni mengalami ekonomi krisis kan.. Dan semua org tau yang untuk mencari keje sangat susah sekarang ni.. I'm is the one of them... But thanks God i just got a permanent job..

First of all... Congratulation to all my friends that is manage to get absorb as a permanent staff at Dell.. even though i'm the one who not become as a permanent staff, but i can't be someone who weak, who will be sad everyday... yup... that true which some people have told me, may be i don't have "rezeki" at that places.. with my dearies housemate's support and my friends i try and keep trying to search a new job...

at that moment, i feel very sad, frustrated, even i'm also crying... crying actually is a good thing to release a tension right... Then, after crying i'm feel more better and become more stronger... i keep in my mind i must find another opprtunity...

Even i'm not in Dell anymore but i also want to say thanks because give me a lot of experiences... and i take this as a challenges to make me become stronger...

Thanks DELL... !!!

~good thing to learn...

21-January - Today i'm going to work at 9.00 am.. My training period was extended to 28-Jan... Doing the same things and same job everyday.. i not regreting even doing the same thing every day but i just feel not feeling happy. y?? because i already know that i'll not stay long at this department.. Not my choice but i don't have lucky.. maybe.. forget about that i want to tell u something.. Do u ever heard about TOastmastEr.. Hmm yesterday i'm join this program.. Hmm.. Its quit fun.

Whether we're a professional, student, stay-at-home parent or retiree, Toastmasters is the best way to improve our communication skills. Toastmasters can help us lose the fear of public speaking and learn skills that will help we be more successful in whatever path we've chosen. we'll be a better listener. we'll easily lead teams and conduct meetings. we'll comfortably give and receive constructive evaluation.

This is one of the testimony....

"Toastmasters changed my life. They really did. Put me on the stage. I don't know what I would have done without that positive boost."

~- Chris Matthews

~nothing to say...

Hmm.. Today i don't have any ideas what should i write in this blog.. But what i know is my life is become worst.. hmm.. not really worst I think.. but i gonna be something... Something that make me feel worried, frustrated, angry... and...

If there are still like this i will never get what i have wish before.. That why i never put my confident to the thing that i still blur i got it... But sometimes, it still happen.. because environment may be.. friends.. and other things...

And know i don't know what to do... Even waiting also make me sick... but if i make another move may be its become more sick.. :(

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Hmm.... Happy new year guys....
who's know what will happen to me for this year... Even to you all... Only God that know it.. That why we as a human only can have a wish and waiting for them to be accomplish one by one... but not only waiting, we also need spend our time, need to sacrifice our life and also we have to keep trying and trying to achieve our wishes...

Okay... This year i have a lot of wishes because right now i'm not in school life in fact not even in university world.. Now I need to become more matured... hmmm... so, what is my wishes...
Firstly, i want offer letter from my manager... because with the offer letter, its mean i become a permanent staff.. :)
i would like to have my own house... it not necessary to buy.. it's ok if i just rent it..
i would like to have my own car... but before that i need to have license "P" for car..
i would like to have my own family... hehehe... insyaallah..
I would like to have external hardisk... :).. for backup storage..
I think that's all for now...

i will added in my diary 2009 for the rest.. hahaha..
if i have it.. :P

~Muharam.. Is the first step to new year..

"satu muharam detik permulaan,

perkiraan tahun islam hijrah,
perpindahan nabi dah umat islam ,
dari kota mekah ke kota madinah..

Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh,
kaum muhajirin dan ansar bersatu,
rela berkorban harta dan nyawa,
demi menegakkan Islam tercinta..."

I always remember this song since i'm still in standard 1 and until now.. hehe..
This song is very famous in my school and i also believed that it the same with another schools too and also famous in Malaysia when this time come. Let me brief to you all the meaning of MUHARAM. Actually Muharam is the first month in the Islamic year or Hijrah. This words was meaning as 'diharamkan' atau 'dipantangkan', which is Allah SWT prohibit carrying out war or bloodshed. But then, this prohibition ends when Mecca's opening. After the repel, Islamic people can discharge of duties and daily religious worship without tied by another prohibition. Now we are steps to the new year.. But not new year 2010.. but new year 1430 hijrah.. Happy new year to all of you.. Do you already have your wishes for this year? Hehehe.. I have some.. But i don't want to tell u all.. Lets i keep it in my heart.. hehe..
hhh.. Its secret.. :)

~license Test

26 Dis 08~ Hari ni aku bangun awal... I not working today.. But i have something important to do today... Lepas je aku ciap, aku turun and start my motocycle, panas kan enjin 2-5 minit.. then, bila aku rase motor tu dah ready aku pum bergerak ke UPm to fetch up my lovely hubby..
Mujurlah aku tak yah tunggu lama.. Dia dah ciap mase aku sampai..
Then, kami pum bergerak ke sekolah memandu dan menunggu abg saiful untuk membawa kami ke cheras.. Sesampai je kat Cheras tu, kami bukan nye terus kene test tapi kne beratur untuk daftar dan amik no giliran.. lama juga lah kami kene beratur.. Dah ciap daftar, trainer bagi penerangan dalam 5 minit.. Pastu die cakap dalam pukul 10 lebih kitorg akan test.. Tunggu punya tunggu JPJ tak datang-datang.. Matahari pulak dah semakin meninggi.. So kami berboraklah sementara menunggu tu.. ye lah ape lagi yang boleh buat.. kalu tak berborak..kann.. :) .. mm.. macam-macam topik jugak lah yang timbul.. Jam dah menunjukkan 11.30 pagi.. tapi org yang ditunggu2 masih belum muncul.. rase gabra and cemas tu dah berkurangan.. bagus jugakkan.. Haaa... dalam kul 11.45 pagi baru lah muncul... jantung aku kembali berdegup kencang.. Walaupum giliran aku masih lambat lagi.. Aku dapat no yang agak tengah jugak lah.. "27".. But my hubby is the first person to doing a test.. Because he repeat the test.. Masa aku dah nak sampai.. Dalam hati aku hanya tuhan yang tau.. Macam2 lah tanda tanya.. Macam mana kalu aku failed?.. Macam mana pulak kalu aku jatuh titi..? Macam mana pulak aku tiba-tiba difailkan like my hubby before?.. ahh.. macam-macam lah.. Yang penting nye aku tak nak failed.. So, aku pum mintak ngan Allah agar hati ku ditenangkan semasa test and aku tak failed..
Giliran aku dah pum sampai.. JPJ bahagian 2 dah bagi isyarat supaya aku start.. Aku pum mengambil langkah yang pertama iaitu bace "Bismillah".. At the first stage i need to make number 8 for 1 and half round.. Then, masa yang dinantikan untuk naik Titi.. Aku meniti titi dengan berhati-hati dan pastikan tak jatuh and tak cepat sgt.. Yes.. akhirnya aku melepasi halangan yang pertama... Aku mengucapkan syukur pada-Nya dan aku pum meneruskan dan sampailah bahagian 3.. Di situ aku terpaksa menempuhi seorang lagi JPJ.. Aku bagi salam dan dia pum suruh aku mulakan step2 yang telah aku praktis sebelum ni.. Step by step.. sedar xsedar aku dah nak sampai ke penamat... Dan aku pum meneruskan step yang terakhir dengan penuh confident...
Finally... I'm finished.. Just waiting the result.. I need to waiting for an hour.. Kami pum dipanggil berkumpul di satu tempat.. result pum diumumkan oleh trainer one by one.. My hubby name was announced... then.. PASSED ...yay.. but I'm still waiting... waiting.. and waiting.. Then, My name "AZLINA BINTI ABDUL KADIR".. PASSED.... yay.. aku bersorak dalam hati.. Alhamdulillah.. Sebenarnya, aku mengambil lesen ni dah lame.. hampir 2 tahun... Sebab tu aku kene sambung P sebelum lesen L aku tamat.. ye lah sape tahan dengar ceramah sampai 6 jam.. Tak tahan... hehehe.. So, i'm just have one more mission.. iaitu Amik lesen P untuk kereta.. hehehe...
2009 waiting for me... :)

~movie... Ip Man

On 2oth December 2008.. Today, I'm going to Alamanda with my friends.. Fais and Ean.. to watch a movie.. the lucky movie that we choose is "Ip Man".. the movie starting at 9.50 pm... there a long time i'm not watching the movie.. I also already forgotten my last movie that i have seen.. hehe..

This is the synopsis of the Ip Man... In the 1930s, Foshan thrives as the hub of Chinese wushu, with various sects actively recruiting disciples. They often compete against each other to prove their strengths.

While Yip Man is an accomplished martial artist, he is unassuming and keeps a low-profile, and doesn't run any martial arts school nor accept students. He only stays at home, quietly sparring with his compatriots in friendly competitions, swapping pointers with each other.

One day, Yip Man (Donnie Yen) is challenged by Master Liao (Chen Zhi Hui), who just set up a wushu school, in a closed match. Yip Man's teahouse owner friend (Wong You Nam) who witnessed the entire fight, tells everyone about Master Liu losing. Seeing it as a public humiliation, Master Liao gets into disputes with Yip Man.

Henchmen of Jin Shan Zhao (Fan Siu Wong) are going around challenging various wushu schools in Foshan. In one fight, Martial Zealot Lin (Xing Yu) is mortally wounded. Yip Man comes to his rescue, only to be stopped by Jin Shan Zhao. Everyone gathers around to watch the match whereby Ip Man dispenses the latter with ease using four Wing Chun Forms: fist, footwork, blade and cudgel.

Ip Man becomes an instant hero and there develops a craze for Wing Chun in Foshan.

Following Japanese invasion in 1937, everyone's life is adversely affected. Yip Man
's property is confiscated and his family is forced to live in a decrepit house. Being one with strong pride, Ip Man refuses charity from his wealthy friend Zhou Qing Quan (Simon Yam), owner of a cotton mill, opting instead to work as a coolie at a coal mine to sustain his family.

One day, General Miura (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), together with his troops, arrives. As a fanatical practitioner in martial arts himself, he sets up an arena, offering rice as a reward. However, to another high-ranking Japanese officer Sato's (Shibuya Tenma) mind, they cannot afford to lose, they must preserve Japanese superiority and dignity.

Eagerly taking up the challenge, Martial Zealot Lin makes use of the opportunity to demean the Japanese.

Ok.. EnJoy the MoviE....

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